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Commercial Roof Insulation

Exploring the elective components of a commercial roofing system in Florida, we now take a look at types of insulation. Roof insulation performs two basic functions: Acts as a thermal barrier for the top of the building. Serves as the base for the roof sytem. Secodary functions include: Enhancing drainage through the use of tapered […]

Florida Commercial Roof Decks

The basis of any roof assembly is the roof deck. Its primary function is to provide structural support for the roofing system with adequate strength to support all anticipated live and dead loads. The deck must not deflect, must be secured to p buy cheap cialis rovide resistance to wind uplift and should be a […]

Roofing Components

In order to make decisions about the care of your roof, you need to be familiar with its critical components.  By building a virtual system, we will examine the “pros and cons” of each component, providing you with the knowledge base to ultimately receive full value for your capital expenditure and maintenance dollar.  Below is […]