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Hypalon Roof Challenges in Florida

Approximately 25 years ago, and as an adjunct to its use as a reservoir and pond liner, DuPont introduced Hypalon as a roof membrane. The rationale was its’ superb resistance to chemicals and long-life in harsh environments made it an excellent candidate for a roof system. Hypalon is synthetic rubber and is chemically formulated as […]

EPDM Roofing Solution for High Square Footage

Since the 1960’s, an increasing number of manufacturers, building owners and contractors have searched for an alternative to the fumes, flame and expense of conventional “hot applied” roof systems. One of the original single-ply systems to provide that alternate is a synthetic rubber known as EPDM. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or EPDM, is a compound […]

The Modified Bitumen Evolution in Florida Roofing

One of the many evolutions in the roofing industry has been the formulation of modified bitumen membranes. As the name implies, modified membranes are asphalt based with modifying polymers introduced during the manufacturing process. The most common modifiers are APP or SBS, which when combined with asphalt, give the resulting membrane plastic or rubber-like properties. […]

All Area Follows OSHA Roofing Safety Regulations

One hundred years ago, 146 people perished in the fire at the Triangle Shritwaist garment factory because of overcrowded conditions, absence of fire alarms, inadequate fire escapes, and locked escape doors. The event is widely regarded as a majo buy viagra online at cheap price r catalyst for workers rights groups fighting for safe labor […]