Florida Commercial Roofing Experts

We offer comprehensive commercial roofing services across Florida from our offices in Tampa and Ft Pierce, including inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement. Commercial roofing requires a specialized approach.  A commercial roof is often flat, with HVAC, satellite, and other facilities on top; and there may be expensive, mission-critical equipment inside. Protecting the roof means also protecting the inside of the building, and ensuring that the company will be able to get up and running quickly after any weather emergency.

Roofing Inspection

Roof InspectionYour company probably has a disaster planning committee.  Part of your strategy may include redundant computers and data storage, a strategy for remote working in case the roads are inaccessible, and regular inspections of the HVAC system. But does that disaster planning include the roof?  A roof that has been damaged or compromised because of extreme weather can compromise your entire operation. Regular inspections will address small problems before they become big ones—and help make sure you’re prepared for anything that Florida weather will throw your way.

Our 99 point inspection is a comprehensive, detailed inquisition about every facet that could affect the performance and value of your roof.  Our inspections give you valuable information about the condition of your roof, information you can use for capital budgeting with regards to repair and eventual replacement.

Roofing preventative maintenance program

The life expectancy of a roof can be measured often in decades, but a roof that is neglected and poorly maintained will not last nearly as long as it should. Our preventative maintenance program delivers regular, routine maintenance to your roof to extend its life, maximize performance, and make sure you’re always ready for unpredictable Florida weather.   In addition to emergency repair and restoration, our preventative maintenance program includes semi-annual inspections, followed by a detailed report and evaluation, with recommendations.

Roofing repair

As a licensed Florida roof repair contractor, we are ready to help with the full range of repairs, including emergency response, preventative maintenance and immediate mitigation of those dangerous leaks that threaten your business continuity. Regular roofing repair and inspection can extend the life of your roof, protect your investment and help make sure your business stays in business, in all kinds of weather.

Roof replacement

Best practices in roofing combine good materials, proper maintenance and strategic design to ensure that a roof lasts for years. But there will still come a time when it needs to be replaced, and that time may be sooner rather than later if the roof has suffered from catastrophic damage, or if the original installation was done to improper specifications. After a thorough inspection, we will give you a full report on whether maintenance or replacement is the best option. If replacement is the way to go, we offer many options, with roofing systems from the most reputable manufacturers.

What type of roof can we install?

  • Modified bitumen. This hybrid system adds the strength of a modified membrane, for greater flexibility and UV resistance. This type of coating can extend the life of a roof by as much as ten years.
  • Metal panel. A metal panel roof is one of the most durable choices for commercial buildings. Very energy efficient, and often qualifying for tax credits, this is an excellent choice for many businesses.
  • TPO. Thermoplastic olefin (TPO) roofing, a single-ply material, is highly durable and very weather-resistant. One of the easiest to install, the remarkable strength is very resistant to tears and features excellent flexibility.
  • EPDM. Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EDPM) roofing is a single-ply rubber membrane, well-suited to low-slope surfaces. Very resistant to ozone and highly weather resistant, EPDM is durable, flexible and fatigue-resistant.
  • Thermoplastic single ply. A type of membrane roofing, thermoplastic single-ply roofing material is very flexible and hot-air welded. Well-suited for a variety of building types, including commercial applications, it is available in multiple colors to minimize the cooling requirements.
  • PVC. PVC roofing is widely used throughout the United States, especially on low-sloped roofs. It is reliable and provides a high level of insulation and soundproofing, and is placed over an existing flat or shingled roof.
  • Tile. One of the more architecturally desirable types of roofing, tile offers excellent design possibilities. Available in a variety of styles including Spanish or Mediterranean roof tiles, ceramic, clay, or concrete, tile roof lends an authentic look to your structure and looks great.
  • Shingle. Shingle roof, like tile, is stylistically attractive, and also inexpensive and easy to apply. Available in metal, wood, rubber or asphalt, shingle roofing can add a unique touch to any structure.
  • Standing seam metal. A remarkably durable and weatherproof roof, standing seam metal roofing is made from a series of interlocking panels of galvanized steel for an exceptionally tight seal.
  • Coal tar pitch. A coal tar pitch roof provides good waterproofing, and because it can soften in warm temperatures can be self-healing. It is not allowed in some municipalities.
  • Synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber roofing, usually available as a single-ply application, is simple to apply, highly waterproof and quite strong.
  • Tar and gravel. Not always as waterproof as some other types of roofing, tar and gravel remains popular in low slope roofing where shingles and other materials may be unsuitable.
  • Torch down modified. Torch down modified roofing is similar to tar and gravel. It uses layers of fiberglass and polyester, with bitumen added to tar and gravel layers. The heat treatment part of the installation results in a vulcanized rubber sheet with a fiberglass base.
  • Foam. Offering excellent insulation, a foam roof offers excellent insulation while remaining waterproof and excellent durability.

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