Dade City County Building


County Buidling Roof Repair

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Client: Cheek Investments, LTD

Contact: John Webb-Property Manager

Location: Dade City, FL

Size: Approximately 25,000 Square Feet

Project Cost: $56,000


The Dade City Public Records administration notified Cheek Investments, LTD that numerous roof leaks had been reported by their workers at the facility where all the city documents were stored. Obviously, this was a major problem because if these documents were damaged vital information could be lost. John Webb, the property manager, called All Area Roofing, Inc. after reading a recent article in The Tampa Tribune about our company. He asked us to investigate the problem and notify him of a solution. Mr. Webb feared the roof would have to be torn off and replaced based on the reports he had received from other roofing contractors.

All Area Roofing, Inc inspected the roof and determined that the roof did not have to be replaced. The roof consisted of a three ply smooth surfaced built-up roof. These types of roofs require a periodic coating to prevent exposure and deterioration. The roof had not been coated for some time, thus enabling the elements to damage the unprotected assembly. Upon further inspection, it was determined the leaks were occurring at the drains, the pitch pans, and a few seams that had deteriorated. Test cuts were made to determine if and how much of the underlying insulation has been damaged. The test cuts revealed the damage was minor and could be replaced.


Based on the inspections and testing All Area Roofing, Inc. concluded that although the roof had obvious leaks and had not been properly maintained, could still be repaired. All Area Roofing, Inc. provided detailed specifications, proposals to install Republic Powdered Metals SolarGard Ultra heavy bodied elastomeric roof coating system after necessary repairs were performed. New retro-fit drains were proposed to be installed at the drain locations. These drains provide a sleeve which slides into the existing drain and seals with a compression fitting. This retro-fit drain costs a fraction of what a plumber would charge to install new pipe, drain bowls, clamping rings and strainers which otherwise would be necessary to stop the leaks at the drains. The coating system specified would restore the roof to a leak-free condition and was backed by a five year material warranty from the manufacturer. The coating system could provide the owner with an inexpensive alternative to the high cost of a complete tear-off and re-roof.


All Area Roofing, Inc. was awarded the contract and performed the specified repairs and coating. A four man crew was assigned to the project and completed the job in four weeks. All Area Roofing, Inc was contacted after the project was completed by Mr. Webb who, because of our performance, asked our company to assist with issues with their other properties. No warranty issues have yet been reported at the Dade City facility..