A.P. Leto Comprehensive High School

High School Roof Replacement

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Owner: School Board of Hillsborough County

Contractor: Batson-Cook Company

Contact: Chris Eastman-Senior Project Manager

Location: Tampa, FL

Size: Approximately 100,000 Square Feet

Project Cost: $900,000


A.P. Leto high School in Tampa was suffering from severe roof leaks and serious roof deterioration. The School Board of Hillsborough County contracted Batson-Cook Company to not only as contract manager over the roofing project but to completely renovate A.P. Leto High School. The difficulty of the roofing project was two-fold. First, the roofing must be completed in a six week window before the students and teachers returned from summer break and, second, access to the buildings was limited. The project was also under intense scrutiny from the public because of prior problems with other roofing contractors and their workmanship. Batson-Cook put the project out for bid to qualified roofing contractors with experience in complex working conditions.


All Area Roofing, Inc. looked at the project closely and determined the only way complete in the accelerated schedule was to work 24 hours a day. Safety of the men was a major priority due to the night work, the roof composition (coal tar pitch), and roof condition (structurally damaged decking). All Area Roofing, Inc. concluded that with the proper lighting, equipment, and personnel, the schedule could be met. The project was priced taking all these issues into account.


All Area Roofing, Inc. was awarded the contract over four other roofing contractors. In just one week, materials were ordered, loaded, and personnel were mobilized on site. Temporary lighting, fall protection, and a job specific safety program were implemented to prevent injury or damage to All Area Roofing employees, other construction personnel, and the facility. The project was completed by utilizing three crews consisting of a total of thirty five men.  Two foremen and two superintendents managed the project. The project was completed on schedule even with numerous decking issues and changes in scope due to unforeseen damage..