West Bay Corporate Center

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Client: Insignia-ESG/ JRT Realty Corporation

Contact: Patty Malia, Senior Property Manager

Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Size: Approximately 110,000 Square Feet

Project Cost: $119,000


Insignia-ESG was notified by tenants complaining of persistent leaks in their occupied spaces. Insignia-ESG had several other companies attempt to repair the leaks with no success. Over time, the leaks became so severe that major tenants threatened to break their leases, which would result in large portions of the building unoccupied and a subsequent loss of revenue. All Area Roofing, Inc. was contacted along with two additional large roofing companies to offer insight and options.

Upon discussions with Insignia-ESG, All Area Roofing, Inc. learned that there was a possibility that the owner could be entertaining the thought of selling the property in the next two years. All Area Roofing, Inc., upon thorough inspection and testing of the existing roof system, determined that although the roof was deteriorated and had numerous leaks the roof could be fixed with comprehensive repair procedures. Both of the other roofing companies pressed for a complete tear off and re-roof with prices exceeding $575,000.


Based on the inspections and testing All Area Roofing, Inc. concluded that the field or the vast majority of the roof was still in fair condition and that the primary source of the problems were located in the areas at the perimeter and where mechanical, plumbing and air conditioning lines penetrated the assembly. All Area Roofing, Inc. provided detailed specifications, proposals and repair procedures to restore the roof to a leak-free condition and extend the serviceable life of the roof by approximately 2-4 years. This option would save the owner a significant capital expense on a property that possibly would be sold and because the roof would be repaired, the owner would not have to offer a price reduction because of the roof’s poor condition. If the owner chose not to sell the property, the roof would be repaired saving further damage to the structure and its contents while enabling time for the owner to budget for the impending re-roof.


All Area Roofing, Inc. was awarded the contract and performed the specified repairs. A twelve man crew was assigned to the project and completed the job in just three weeks. Due to the building being occupied special procedures were taken as to prevent the disruption of the daily operation of the businesses and tenants. One of the tenants which had originally threatened to break their lease not only signed a lease extension, but also expanded their operation into the adjacent vacant space. The owner still retains the property and although a two year warranty was provided, All Area Roofing, Inc has not yet been contacted for any warranty related items.