Cedar Shake Roof Fire Retardant

Fire RetardantA Cedar shake roof can add warmth and character to any building across Florida.  It uses the time tested strength and durability created by nature to protect against many of the elements we experience from Tampa over to Orlando and Ft Pierce down to Miami.  They are a renewable resource that can withstand high winds greater than 200mph, pounding rain, and hailstorms, all while providing effective insulation.

Certain measure must take place, however, to account for the increased risk of fire since a cedar shake roof does not have the same inherent fire resistant characteristics of modern roofing material.  Many homeowner’s insurance companies such as Frontline Insurance require an owner to treat cedar shake roofs with a fire retardant.

All Area Roofing and Waterproofing treats cedar shake roofs with industry leading fire retardant in all areas of Florida.  The treatment will:

  • Lower the chances of a flame spreading
  • Eliminate the support of combustion
  • Reduce toxic fumes from any possible burning material
  • Leave the appearance of the roof unchanged
  • Meet US fire codes
  • Offer a biodegradable, Environmentally Eriendly solution
  • Come with a lifetime warranty

We are certified professionals with years of experience in treating cedar shake roofs.  Our offices in Tampa and Ft Pierce put us in ideal position to contract with anyone in the Florida area.  Call us today for a free consultation and estimate for your cedar shake roof..